The Customer Service video is now available  click here. It’s just under 20 minutes in total length.
1) The bingo buy out option is only at the time of registration it is no longer an open possibility.
2)  Due to the fact that there are less families in the Bingo pool then there were last year, in order to cover the 156 bingo slots (three families scheduled per bingo) that would mean most of us would be doing 7 bingos and some of us 8 bingos over the course of the next year.  Which like myself that is more than likely a bit much for most families and it makes the buy out much more attractive.  The scheduling of three families is due to the fact that we often had families no show.  We have to have a minimum of two families per bingo so if we have only one show up we get penalized for our shares (money donated).  Last year this happened during the first part of the year when we had only scheduled two families per bingo and we had to appeal to even be allowed to stay on as one of the charities receiving this benefit.  So I added the third family so as to ensure this didn’t happen again.  However once again I have attempted to only schedule two families per bingo so that we are only committed to 4 Bingos a year.  THIS DOES NOT WORK IF SOMEBODY DOES NOT SHOW UP!!!!!  If we have any no shows I will be forced to redo the schedule to put three families on per Bingo PLEASE DO NOT MAKE ME DO THIS!
3) In order to ensure fairness of people selling off their Bingos to someone else each family will be restricted to selling their scheduled Bingos up to two times only to someone else.  I must be notified if you sell or switch your bingo.
4) If you wish to sell off a Bingo to someone else the cost has gone up to 75$ per Bingo.  You are responsible to get that family who covered the 75$ ASAP.  If you do not pay, the family doing the Bingo should bring it to the attention of the Board and they will deal with the family that owes.  There are no exceptions some families helped out others last year at the last minute and never were paid or returned the favor.5) You may switch a Bingo with another family at no cost
6) A sign up of families who would be willing to do a Bingo at the last minute was passed around the room.  For those of you who were not in attendance please email me with request to go on the call list.  Please provide a phone number and an email and indicate if you can be texted.  I will compile the list and send it out to the group to keep as a reference. Please email your contact information by the Oct 11th at the latest.

7) A second list of contacts will go out with the Bingo families who wish to be on the list for possible trades again please email me if you were not at the meeting with this request providing email, text and phone number.   Please email me by Oct 11th.
8) A reminder that any family who does not show up to their designated Bingo will be fined 200.00 payable to the club directly.  There are no excuses that are acceptable this is your slotted time and the contact list will ensure you have people to call even at the last minute.  The $200.00 no-show fine must be paid within two weeks of notice received. Failure to comply will result in swimmer suspension up until such time that the fine has been paid in”FULL”
9) We will be adding a number of numbers to the emergency call list for those who wish to sell there bingo slot these numbers will be families that have no child swimmers but are willing to earn the 75$ if you know of a person over the age of 18 who would do the training and go on the call list let me know.
10) The hours of the Bingo have been changed again to 2.5 hours please make sure you pay attention to your Bingo reminder email.
11) I have only had one family email me back that they attended the training session.  It is a mandatory session that must be completed before you can work a bingo I will send the next date ASAP once I have it but they do not happen often so please be mindful that you may have to make arrangements to attend it.  It is only 1 hour.
12) if you know you are going on a holiday or will be otherwise engaged you can send me a request by email notifying me of you unavailability.  I CANNOT GUARENTEE THAT I CAN WORK AROUND THE DATE BUT I WILL DO MY BEST.  Somebody still has to work the holidays and the meet days.
Thank you for your dedication to your child’s sport.  We are all volunteers and we all do the best that we can. Please recognize that in order for this to work we too have to be a TEAM!
Cheers Tammy Datars


Policy Changes – Apr 2018

Roles and Responsibilities

AODA Training information package


Confirm your attendance with the Bingo Coordinator
Arrive on time for your scheduled E-­‐Bingo session
Sign in for your 1 session and get your nametag for your shirt (this is confirmation of our clubs attendance)
Be Happy and Helpful to all customers attending the E-­‐Bingo session
Talk about our Club and what E-­‐Bingo and the OLG does in regards to helping our kids and our club
Assist the staff if needed
Remain on the floor at all times (at least 2 DSSC members)
After your session is completed sign out of both sessions and sign the back of your nametag and drop it in the box (this is proof of DSSC attendance for the E-­‐Bingo session)
If you sign in after your session time The Club will be docked a ¼ share and if you sign out before your session is complete (even if the e-­‐bingo game is complete) The Club will be considered a no show and will be docked shares. Please under no circumstance arrive late or sign out early.
Dress Code:
Black pants (no track pants, capris or yoga pants), white collared shirt (no graphics or writing unless a DSSC golf shirt) and closed black shoes (no sandals).
Switches or No Shows:
If you are scheduled for a bingo and you do not show up you will be fined $200.00 as the club will lose shares for a no show and could possibly lose their license.
If you are scheduled for a bingo and know in advance you can’t attend you can get a switch with another family trained in e-bingos or you can pay someone to do your bingo. This will cost $50.00 to the club and $50.00 to the family covering your bingo. Please always contact the bingo coordinator if you have any concerns or question about your upcoming bingos.Policy as directed from the BoardRemember SMILE SMILE SMILE