Participation Points System

The Participation Points System – The success of a Swim Club is dependent on active parent involvement and participation.

Each family with swimmers  registered as SPS – SP – SD -AGP and Junior 1 will be required to earn a total of 500 points.
Each family with swimmers registered as Junior 2 will be required to earn a total of  350 points.
Each family with swimmers registered as JD-INTRO will be required to earn a total of 150 points.

These points must be earned in full by the end of the swim year. Plenty of opportunities to do so will be made available.  2018-2019 Points Allocation Chart

There will be a designated Points Coordinator. Points will be tracked and recorded throughout the course of year. Every family will have their very own points account. Although we are very appreciative of all families who choose to earn more than the minimum points requirement, no carry over of points to the subsequent year is permitted.

There will be no dollar value attached to participation points earned in excess but Thank You 🙂

Fines A fine of $1 per point will be assessed for families that fall short of their requirement.

To see your current points click “Members” at the top Login and then click on “Your Current Points”

How to Submit your Points to your Points Coordinator Kelly Kahlon

In order to keep a record of your points, each participant is responsible for submitting in a timely manner. Log into the Members area of the website then click on the ‘Members’ tab. At the bottom, you will find ‘Your Current Points’. On that page use the ‘CLICK HERE to apply for new points’ to bring you to the form. 

Here is a link to Your Current Points

All penalties must be reconciled by the end of each swim season 

Participation Points Scale

500 Points
Vice President
Fundraiser Director

400 Points
Social Director
Meet Manager
Bingo Coordinator
Website Coordinator
Food Coordinator

300 Points
Away Meet Chaperones
Away Meet Food
Officials Coordinator
Equipment Manager

200 Points
Official Certification Level 5

175 Points
Points Coordinator (1)
Snack Bar Coordinators (2)

150 Points
Equipment Manager Assistant
Awards Night Christmas Party Coordinators (4)
Away Meet Food Assistant
Cheer Basket Coordinator
Official Certification Level 4

100 Points
Pool Reps (2)
Club Photographer-Event Video (2)
Meet Referee (per session)
Official Certification Level 3

Year End Picnic-BBQ Coordinators (4) – 50 pp
Pizza Night Coordinators (3) – 25 pp
Spookfest (5) – 50 pp

50 Points
Attending DSSC General Meetings
Official Certification Level 2
Teaching a clinic

25 Points
Media Reporter Volunteer-per article
Official Certification Level 1
Food Room Assistance (per 4 hour session)
Taking a clinic(on-line or inperson)

OSOA Meet Positions- per session home or away
Level 1 – 25
Level 2 – 50
Level 3 – 75
Level 4 – 100
Level 5 – 125