Jan 2020 to Jun 2020

Copy of Bingo schedule January-June 2019 (002) **Click on the link for Updated Bingo Schedule**

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Bingo Substitutes

These are all the people you can call to pay 75$ for them to cover your bingo. They have all been trained. Some are friends and family of Swimmers. Please notify me if you have sold your bingo to one of them. Please remember you can only sell your Bingo up to a maximum of two times.

James Heenan 647-284-3093 JRH.BRAHOSCO@LIVE.ca

Cary Lyn (416)-400-7962  

Tullia Fenech (647)-717-7650

Jas Pourawal 647-267-9931 jaz2u@hotmail.com

Alison Calovini Cell 6479985917, 90579335919 Calovini@primus.CA

Tammy (The Bingo Scheduler) tlcardy@yahoo.com 647-920-9032

Becky and Steve Salter (416) 729-7631

Pam and Mark Stoehr  (416)801-9236