Meet Expectations

Meet entry procedures

Swimmers are expected to attend “all meets” designated for them by their group coach. Should a conflict arise it is the responsibility of the athlete-parent to advise their respective coach, in writing, this prior to the meet package posted scratch deadline date. Failure to do so will result in your account being charged the cost of your child`s meet entries. Meet fees relative to your child`s meet activity have been included in your registration fee total. Entry fees are tracked per swimmer, per meet. Balances remaining at years end are fully refundable.

The swim season is divided into 3 twelve to fifteen week training cycles, with the first coming to an end late December, the second late February and the third late June to mid-July. Each of these cycles ends with a championship meet. These meets serve as the focal point for each one of the training cycles and as such 100% attendance is expected. Please familiarize yourself with the meet schedule. It is posted on the bulletin board and is available for download on our website

The coaches will be responsible for all meet entries.

The meet package will be posted on the website and bulletin board:

The meet package includes:

The name of the meet

The date of the meet

The location of the meet

The host of the meet

Daily warm-up times for each age group

Events offered

Meet entry file includes:

The listing of events that your child will be swimming

Swim meet protocol:

Swimmers are to be on deck 15 minutes prior to the start of warm-up

Swimmers are to be wearing Dorado club attire + deck shoes

All swimmers are to remain on deck with their team

Parents are not at any time allowed on the pool deck

Swim bags should be packed with a Dorado Stars cap, goggles, competition suit, 2 towels, water bottle and healthy energy snacks

Appropriate snacks:

Ÿ  Fresh fruit, such as watermelon, bananas, clementines, grapes

Ÿ  Veggies and dip, cheese and crackers

Ÿ  Rice crispie squares, energy bars, applesauce, arrowroot cookies, graham crackers, etc

Ÿ  Hydration is most important. Make sure they drink plenty of water .

Role of the parents at Swim Meets


Swimmers may have some level of nervousness before a swim meet. Parents can help by supporting and encouraging the swimmer to simply go out there and do his-her best. It is not helpful to place pressure on swimmers to perform , or to compare one swimmer `s performance with another `s. There are always ups and downs in swimming and this is quite normal. Swimmers may not always improve upon their entry times. It is important for the parent to help the swimmer put things into perspective… look beyond the disappointment of a short term set-back and focus on the long term goal.


For new parents ,it is important for you to know that swimming pool galleries are usually very warm, fall, winter, spring and summer. Do dress accordingly.

Most pools have a cafeteria on site where you can purchase snacks.


We ask that if and when possible, Dorado Stars parents volunteer their services by timing and helping out at other club meets. This has never been more important as it is now, this based on the “New Sanctioning Criteria” set out by Swim Ontario.

To all parents, welcome to the fascinating and exciting world of competitive swimming.

I hope that this answers most of your questions. Do remember that when in doubt the Staff and Board are always available, only a phone call or email away.