Group Placement/Transition

Placement is at the discretion of the coaching staff and is based on the criteria of each group. Factors such as availability of space in the next group, commitment, performance, age, ability to train, attitude, technique and coachability are all taken into consideration for each athlete’s placement. Please be conscious that the coaching staff carefully considers all of the above before placing a swimmer into a specific training group. One of our goals is to have each group training and age compatible.

Other factors

  • Goals and Desire
  • Appropriate effort in practice as prescribed by the coach               
  • Attendance
  • Appropriate skill level to transition to the next level
  • Accountability
  • Ability to train at the next level above
  • Respect for Coaches/Officials and other Swimmers
  • Sportsmanship
  • A growing commitment to the sport of swimming
  • Swimmer should be in the age range for the next group

The swimmer’s transition is considered with these items in mind and more.

**We have “Select” athletes within competitive groups. These athletes are identified for additional workouts and programming to continue their development and performance needs.

**If you have any questions pertaining to your athlete please do not hesitate to contact your group coach.